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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Knitting Content...

I have been so busy. I have knitted my Lucy Bag completely and just need to felt her. Has anyone made this? Are the handles for the tall worsted weight version SUPER long? I was shocked at how much knitting was involved. I could have knitted a sweater for all the stitches that went into it. I used Cascade 220 and though I wasn't impressed at first I fell in love as time went on. It's quite soft. I'll post picks once I have her complete... I need a sunnier day and December in Michigan do not a sunny day make!

Not Knitting Content...

I've been working too. I go in one day a week at my "real" job and deal with mobs of angry elderly americans that are totally confused as to what medicare program to chose. Worst part, we can't legally give them help to amount to anything. If you haven't already guessed I work in a pharmacy and I'm so not in love with my job these days.

On the other hand... I have a NEW JOB!!!! I don't actually consider it a job because I have an awesome time! The money has been incredible and I have made so many new friends. I'm able to be creative in a whole new way and I seriously am thrilled. Last month I got a "bonus" worth $143 and this month I will get one "bonus" worth $141 and I'm working on getting an additional $175! So, are you wondering what I am doing? I am selling quality kitchen tools and teaching classes in the home to help make meal preparation and mealtime an enjoyable family experience. I am a new Pampered Chef Kitchen Consultant! I just could not keep that in any longer. I know I am not allowed to have a site dedicated to pampered chef but since this site is for knitting and my life I had to share this wonderful experience.

I've done a couple of home based businesses in the past and had fairly good success but nothing like this. It's mind blowing. I work 4 hours a week at my "real job" and bring home like $40. I could work a little more but it's a stressful job that sucks the joy right out of me. Last month I had two shows and got a commission check for a little over $250. This month after my two kitchen show, a few individual orders and a catalog show I'm hoping to be at about $440. That's obviously not taxed and I do have some expenses to cover but for a few hours a show and a totally enjoyable experience I am very happy with that extra money. Some of you may think it's tacky to talk so openly about money but I wish someone would have told me about this long ago.

Not to bore you to death with the details of my life I will ask a favor and then go quietly into my day. If anyone is interested in PC let me know. I won't be talking about it like this again because I am unsure what I can and cannot say. You can check out the catalog on my other site and maybe get some ideas for Christmas. I'm so close to my goal for this month but would appreciate any help I can get!

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