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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Hello to all!

Been busy lately and I'm about to get busier. I stopped in to work to check the schedule and... I'm on it. Yes, we could use the money but I'm not sure I can use the stress. The stress from not being at home and the stress from being at work. I, by the way, am a Pharmacy Tech in real life as opposed to a knitter in my ideal life. Oh well. This is my last weekend of freedom so I will now stop whining and move on.

On the knitting front my DH and I went to 'It's Stitching Time', a LYS, for a YARN TASTING. The idea was patterned after wine tasting. There were about a dozen new to the market, not even available, yarns. All were cast onto needles and we sort of passed them around and knit a bit on each one. After we tried each yarn we gave our opinion. They asked if we liked them, would we buy them, what would we make with them and did we feel the price was reasonable. Some were nice and some just not me. A lot of way out there novelty yarns, ya know. I'll post a pic of the yarn that I got to pick out and bring home... yeah! It was fun & we got 20% off any yarn we wanted to buy. What's not to love about that?

Tomorrow I MUST go to the post office to mail my Secret Pal a little something. I have procrastinated long enough. I also have some stuff for my Grandma in Arkansas and my Aunt who is in the process of learning to knit. Isn't it fun when you help to bring another person into the knitting world?

It's getting late and I really should sleep at some point!


At Saturday, February 26, 2005 10:03:00 AM, Blogger Wendy G said...

A "Yarn Tasting", what a great idea and 20% off too.


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