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Thursday, April 07, 2005

April is Autism Awareness Month - Day 7

Today I bring you a quiz to test your knowledge and to hopefully raise awareness. Later today or tomorrow I will post the answers. The quiz is from an email that I received from RDI Connection. Good luck! Don't worry, I won't be grading you on this.

True or False?

1. If a child is not functionally fluent by their 5th birthday, they will remain mute, so it is critical that developing speech be the first goal for a non-verbal child.

2. If you teach a child enough words, he or she will be able to have reciprocal conversations.

3. It is important to teach eye contact to children with autism so they can be successful in social relationships.

4. ABA (Lovaas, Discrete Trials) and other interventions have been proven effective for treating autism, and children who have undergone these treatments have been followed to see how they do as teens & adults.

5. If a child can be taught to “fit in” and superficially appear normal, he or she will be able to make friends.

6. Social skills groups are effective in teaching people on the spectrum to have relationships.

7. Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome have a better prognosis for quality of life than people with Autism.

8. Mainstreaming & academic progress are signs of a good prognosis and if a child can get into college, he or she can go on to have a pretty normal life.

9. If a child spends most of his time focused on developing his computer skills, someone will want to hire him someday, regardless of his ability to collaborate & work as part of a team.

10. People with autism may not have the same emotional or social needs as everyone else. They might be happy living a life without friendships and intimate emotional relationships.


At Friday, April 08, 2005 10:12:00 AM, Blogger Maus said...

I just glanced at your list as I don't have much time to get into it, but from a quick look over it, I would answer no to each statement :)


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