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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A nice surprise!

My DH and I stopped into one of our LYS to look around. He is wanting to do a sweater soooooo bad but wants an easy pattern for his first try. He found one and bought the yarn he needed.

I found a nifty sock/shoe size chart and a pattern for a felted bag. I noticed they had a wooden swift and that it was marked $55, I thought that was reasonable and I asked about a ball winder. They had one for $33. It was the least expensive I had found in our area so I got one. The others I had looked at were between $46 and $55 so let's just say I felt pretty good about my purchase.

When she was ringing everything up she said she didn't have a bag big enough so she walked over to these very nice ($20) canvas bags and filled one up with our stuff. I was a little confused but then it occurred to me that she had just given us the bag for FREE! I was speechless. I have never had someone do something like that before. Not only are her prices very reasonable but she went the extra mile. I am thrilled.

Now I must ask that if you are in the Zeeland, Michigan area please stop by. The name of the store is... It's Stitching Time. It's right across from the Post Office on Main Street. They have knitting/crocheting stuff as well as a large quilting/fabric/sewing selection. They are super nice!

I will post pics of my purchases later. My DH has already CO for his sweater and is absolutely giddy with excitement. He reminds me of a kid in a candy store.


At Thursday, February 03, 2005 4:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi-My name is Heather and I'm your Michigan Knits ring neighbor. This is my first time commenting on someone's blog-ever! Just wanted to say how lucky you are to have a husband that will knit. I've been trying to get mine to but he's afraid he might grow a vagina or something.
You are going to love your winder and swift, they are fun to use!
Cute blog!


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