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Monday, November 13, 2006

Time is fleeting

I have been away for so long. It amazes me how quickly the days fly by. In all honesty I was avoiding you. Not "YOU" personally but you as in the blog. I needed time for myself. Time to heal and time to grieve. Losing my best friend was a lot harder than I thought it would be. That's not entirely true. I always knew it would be hard I just never thought it would really happen. It did happen and I learned a lot from it.

  1. Time is fleeting ~ there is no guarantee that tomorrow will ever come.
  2. Say the things that need to be said ~ I'll explain this one more later.
  3. Take care of yourself ~ God only gives us this one body to last for this entire life, when it gives out... Game Over.
  4. Spend time with the ones you love ~ In the end the only thing that really matters are the relationships we built and the memories that we leave behind.
  5. Find enjoyment in the little things ~ If we wait for something big to happen for us to be really happy that something big may never come.
  6. Believe that there is something beyond this life ~ Have faith and even when you find yourself deep in a spiritual crisis, continue to hold onto that faith.
  7. Count your blessings every day ~ Not just your major blessings but all the little ones that that make life worth living.
  8. NEVER GIVE UP ~ Take it one day at a time, one minute at a time if you have to. Just keep going and never stop. If you fall, pick yourself back up and keep moving forward.

That is not a complete list of all the things that I feel like I've learned but it's a start. So what? Well, hopefully I take these lessons and change my life. I'm 36 and something needs to change. My boys are 6, 6 and 14. I want to be there to see them all graduate from High School and move on to the wherever life takes them. I have to take action to change the path that I am currently on.

As for #2. I feel like I make an effort to say the things that need to be said but I know I could improve. While watching TV the other night about Ed Bradly, the newscaster from CBS that was on 60 minutes and passed away, my son Joshua said something that made me really step back and think about this. There was a group of reporters that were talking about Ed and Joshua turned to me and asked, "Did that man die?" Joshua hadn't been watching the newscast so it kind of surprised me that he had figured that out. I answered yes and asked him how he knew. Joshua said, "I knew he was dead because those people were saying such nice things about him, the kind of things that we always say about people after they die." So... my question is this... WHY DO WE WAIT UNTIL A PERSON HAS PASSED AWAY TO TELL THEM HOW WONDERFUL THEY REALLY ARE?????

How does one start a movement to get everyone to say the good? I heard about an idea on Rachael Ray to do a TOAST party. It's kind of like a ROAST but instead of telling mean jokes you say nice things and toast the person of honor. Would it change the world? I think we would all feel better knowing that we said the things that needed to be said on that day when you lose the chance to say anymore.

Thanks for listening!


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